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63 year old male patient presented to the X clinic complaining of burning sensation in left side floor of the mouth for 2 weeks. Past medical history revealed no significant findings. Patient is a known betel chewer for 25-30 years (5-6 quids per day with all ingredients). Also patient is a occasional smoker and consuming alcohol. Extra oral examination revealed no palpable lymph nodes on  both sides neck. Intra orally patient had a white patch on the floor of the mouth in elation to 34, 35, 36 region and it didn't removed when tired to rub off with gauze. Diagnosis???

Answer : Leukoplakia (Leukoplakia is a clinicall white patch that cannot be classified clinically or hitopathologically in to any other disease entity.) There are two types of leukoplakias namely homogenous and non-homogenous.

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