Classification of Impresssion Materials-Prosthetic Dentistry Lecture Note

Impression Materials
Classification Depend on Viscosity

High Viscosity
  • Impression Compund
  • Putty Elastomers
Medium Viscosity
  • Regular Elastomers
Low Viscosity
  • Impression Plaster
  • Impression Paste
  • Hydro colloids(Reversible,Irreversible)
  • Light Body Elastomers
Classification Depend on Elasticity
Elastic Materials
  • Synthetic Elastomers(Polysulfides,Silicones,Poly Ether)
  • Hydrocolloids(Reversible-Agar,Irreversible-Alginate)
Non Elastic Material
  • Impression Compound
  • Zinc Oxide/Eugenol Paste
  • Impression Waxes
  • Impression Plaster
Impression materials are used to record the shape of the teeth and alveolar ridges. There are a wide variety of impression materials available each with their own properties, advantages and disadvantages. Materials in common use can be classified as elastic or non-elastic according to the ability of the set material to be withdrawn over undercuts.
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