01.  Increased respiratory minute volume occurs with

a. F - 100mmHg is the normal arterial partial pressure of oxygen

b. T - This is prominent in animals as a thermo regulatory mechanism

c. F - Brain damage suppress the respiratory center

d. T - As a compensatory mechanism

e. T - Reduction in P O2

02. Increased in respiratory minute volume at rest occurs with

a. T

b. T - Increase is marked in P O2 lower than 60 mm Hg

c. Haemoglobin does not affect the partial pressure and partial pressure is due to dissolved oxygen

d. CO2 is a activator of central chemo receptors. But CO2 concentration more than 7% causes respiratory center inhibition due to CNS suppression.

e. F - Inhibit respiration

03. Airway resistance to air flow

a. F

b. T

c. T - Haeliox a treatment for asthma

d. T - As density of air reduces

e. T - Obstructive pulmonary disorder

04. During quite respiration

a. T

b. F - During expiration it becomes positive

c. F - Functional residual capacity

d. F

e. T

05. During maximal inspiration in a healthy adult

a. F -20mmHg

b. F - Increases

c. F - Contracts

d. T

e. F

06. During inspiration there is an increase in

a. T

b. F

c. F - Reduction

d. F - Reduction

e. F- Reduction

07. Regarding pressure changes during respiration

a. F

b. F- 5mmHg

c. T

d. T

e. F- Never Rises

08. Intra- pleural pressure


b. T

c. F

d. F.

e. T
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